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Happiness Meditation in Los Angeles
Self Worth Meditation Online

Mind Your Worth

A 6 week mindfulness journey to find your worth

The Mind Your Worth™ course was born from my personal
practice and journey to reclaim my worth. It was the
course I needed during my darkest times, but couldn’t find.

And so I created it.

My goal has been to develop a community of healing. A place where we can gather to

feel seen and heard, and at peace with how we are received by others - and ourselves.

About Section
Happiness Meditation Ceri Bethan

Mind Your Worth™ has been thoughtfully crafted to help you uncover the road blocks and limitations we set in our own paths, and learn how to break through them in order to reach our full potential in life with love and acceptance.

We ALL want to feel worthy in this world.

Wanting to prove our worth can cause immense stress. A lack of self worth can hold us back. I have seen it time and time again with clients from all walks of life, and the common thread in all the difficulties is that underneath, at the root of all suffering is a belief of not being enough. Whether we’re talking about relationships, career, finances, or setting boundaries - it all comes back in some way to the same place:  Worthiness.

The sense of not being good enough is a painful burden. It weighs us down. When we are trapped under this layer of unworthiness, we are unable to see who we really are. This can affect how we show up in the world.

Meditation for Self Worth

How Mind Your Worth can help...

The more we can improve our sense of self worth, our sense of self esteem, our stability and groundedness in ourselves, regardless of the people around us, the more we have the ability to handle all the other aspects of our lives that impact our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Over the course of six weeks you will uncover your story of unworthiness and reclaim
your worth, stepping into the fullest version of YOU.

I believe that we reclaim our power when we can look at the hard moments in our life and find the strength and courage to build ourselves back up. To know with unwavering acceptance that no matter what happens around us, we are enough.

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Self Help Meditation

We have ALL experienced moments where we questioned our worth. It is how we meet those questions that will lead us to transformation, freedom and growth. The only way to make lasting changes and to break limiting beliefs is to show up from a place of kindness, compassion, resilience and truth.

The Mind Your Worth course is the invitation to look deeply into yourself. Through the practices of meditation and mindfulness in group classes and coaching, with a focus on the four heart practices we will step out of our heads and into our hearts to reconnect to our true worth, fully embracing the knowledge that who we are in this moment is, and always will be, enough.

What's Included:

  • Weekly group classes via zoom consisting of teachings. group coaching, guided meditation and a space to share

  • Video recordings available through an online platform with supported teachings for the week

  • Audio meditation recordings to accompany the weekly topic

  • A 1 hour Private Coaching SessionsAdditional Private Coaching Sessions are offered at a discounted rate for the duration of course.

  • Journaling prompts

  • Recommended reading list

  • Telegram group for connection and communication throughout to ensure you feel fully supported on your journey

  • The reclaiming of your worth!

Spaces are limited to maintain an intimate community and provide time for individual attention for the duration of the course.


6 Weeks

$897 per person

Mind Your Worth Mindfulness Ceri Bethan

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orth course is happening.


Mind Your Worth Self Help

Loving Kindness

A gentle well wishing.  A type of unconditional love. A beautiful way to open our hearts to difficulties.

Worthiness Self Confidence


A practice of celebrating and rejoicing.

Meditation for Happiness


A tender quality of the heart that arises when we become aware of the very real vulnerability and suffering.

Meditation and Mindfulness


A balance of heart and mind that guides us to acceptance.

When we repeat these practices we are clearing the mud away from the diamond that is you.

We are reconnecting to the only truth that matters – that we have always been worthy, always been whole.

When you can hold yourself in loving acceptance, miracles can happen. As we free ourselves from the suffering of “something’s wrong with me”, we are able to trust and express the fullness of who we are.

Meditation for Depression
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Miracles can happen when you Mind Your Worth. Join me.

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