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Hello and welcome,
I'm Ceri Bethan

My passion for meditation stems
from personal experience. After years of
exploring mindfulness and the practices of
the heart, I decided to embark on this
journey of helping others to find their worth,
and have dedicated my life to guiding
others to find fulfillment through presence.

We are all searching for something in one way or another. Meditation is the key to unlocking

your truest self, and helping you see that what you seek is already there withing you. To sit and

help you on your journey to this realization is both an honour and a joy, and that is why I

created Ceri Bethan Mindfulness and Meditation


My courses and classes are for those who seek a safe space in which to explore

their worth. I have crafted an accessible and story-driven take on mindfulness,

rooted in truth, experience and scientifically-backed research. My aim is to

offer you the keys to an accessible toolbox of meditation practices that help

you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

About Section

I have led meditations for hundreds of clients,

and guided classes for top companies and brands

worldwide such as Vogue, Vince and CNN. I have

also partnered with The Four Seasons and the

California Longevity Institute to lead wellness

Retreats in reiki and guided meditation.

Having worked in entertainment for years, my

direct background in the industry has given me

the perfect insight to work with production

companies such as 20th Century Fox and

Shondaland. I continue to work with actors

through the leading website WeAudition.

Ceri Bethan_Signature-36_edited.png

My meditation practice healed me

and brought me a deep sense of

inner peace and calm. It allowed

me to fully embody each moment,

and therefore live a life filled with

joy and fulfillment.

My journey to wholeness 

I have experienced both depression and anxiety, and continue to work on my mental health daily. I

found meditation over 10 years ago during a very dark period in my life. The pain and loss of self I

experienced at this time led me down a path to find meaning and true purpose. The practices and

teachings of mindfulness allowed me to reclaim my worth in all areas of my life.

Meditation has taught me how to nurture my mental health with a greater sense of peace and ease.

Our mental health is paramount, but there is still so much stigma around this topic. My goal is to

lessen judgement, and open the doors to speak freely about the myriad of ways in which we all

Struggle. There is no greater wealth in life than to live fully and happily as our truest selves.


Born and raised in England, I moved to L.A.

over a decade ago. My journey as a teacher

began with my 400 Hour Meditation and

Mindfulness Teacher Training, and I have

been a student of many great teachers

in the Buddhist lineages.

I am a certified Compassion Facilitator,

Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator, Reiki

Practitioner, and Sensory Meditation and

Mindfulness Facilitator for children.

I have also completed The Science of Well Being from Yale University and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher.

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